Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kelsey is 8.5 months and she just took her first step (today March 24, 2009)!! Its sad in a way, but
only because she is getting so big so fast. She had her 8/9 month check
up last Thursday (March 19, 2009) and she weighed 19 lbs 0 ozs and was 27inches long.
She has all 8 of her front teeth and still drooling like a leaky facet,
thank goodness for bibs. We just last Friday switched her from Simulac
with Iron to Simulac Soy with Iron because she has spit up from day one
and just in the last month it has gotten worse. But by Saturday the
spit us has stopped. We are happy about that!! Well I think that is
about it for what is new with little Kelsey!! I will keep you all
posted as she continues to grow!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Update on our little chitlens!!

WOW....It's been a LONG time since I last posted on here! So here is a new post for you all!

Dustin just got is new "Jimmy Neutron" glasses and he looks SOO handsome! He was so excited when Dr. Arnold said you get to get glasses. After the appt we went right to Wal*Mart an he tried on every Sponge bob pair, every normal pair, and every Jimmy Neutron pair and he finally decided on a pair.. But OMWord it took over an hour!! But he love them and was soo EXCITED to go to school today and show them off!

Orion well he is very far sided the Doc said and said that he wants to see him back next Feb. and if his eyes have not changed then they will put him in glasses too because he is starting to read and by this time next year he should be reading preschool/kindergarten level, and the Doc said they want to stay on top rather than let it go and him struggle. He is soo bright and above average for his age that we dare not let something like that hold him back.

Kelsey well she is 7 months old. she has 4 teeth, she weighs 17lbs 12oz, drinks 4, 7oz bottles a day, has 3 meals a day, 1 sometimes 2 snacks, and she loves her sippy with juice she will put away about 3 oz total a day. She takes 2, 3 hour naps and goes to bed at 8:30pm and gets up at 7:15am (normally I have to get her up, or her daddy). She can sit with no support and she can also sit up by her self, she can roll EVERYWHERE, she crawls, but her favorite thing to do is get up on her hands and knees take her knees to her hands and then do this LUNGE thing. She is starting to pull up and objects around her. She is already a "Drama Queen", but she a VERY VERY happy and loving baby. She can bring out the smiles in any room she is in!! She is starting the separation anxiety thing, if you walk away and she is not wanting you to or if a new face appears she is looking for her mommy and if I am not in seeing distance that is when the "drama starts"... Its soo cute to see her get soo excited to see me when I walk in the room!! I can not believe how fast the last 7 months have gone by!! But I am glad we are 7 months in and NOT just bringing her home for the first time.. Teehee!

Andrew and I are great. Andrew is just plugging away in school. I am looking forward to summer to seeing my husband and not worry about wasting his time because school is his main focus right now. I know I am not wasting his time and he knows that his family is always #1, but his schooling is putting his family #1 because he is providing an AWESOME future for his family.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mr. Oreo in some serious trouble and taking a time out, but him not taking it so well!!!!!

Here is a beautiful sunset that was taken about a week ago.

Orion all ready for preschool!! He loves his backpack (just like big brothers but smaller) and his lunch box!

Face painting at the fair 2007

Dustin and his friend Serria at the fair Aug 2007 getting their faces painted.

Saturday, October 13, 2007